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Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed Extract - 500 mg 90 Capsules
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Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed Extract - 500 mg 90 Capsules

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Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed Extract may help boost the immune system, help to decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improve the function of the gastro-intestinal tract.


Modifilan Pure Brown Seaweed Extract may help boost the immune system, help to decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improve the function of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Product Details:
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Average Customer Rating: based on 112 reviews
Label Information:
Ingredients: Supplement Facts: Amount per serving: Serving size: 3 Capsules ��� Servings per container: 30 ��� Brown Seaweed (Laminaria japonica) extract 1500 mg Other ingredients: gelatin capsules (Certified Kosher- nonGMO/ nonBSA ���
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 112 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

201 of 208 found the following review helpful:

5It worksJun 01, 2011
By D. Taylor
Here's my experience. Many times when I take supplements I can't really tell if it's helped me or not. This product, however, was shockingly different for me. A little background first. I've been doing many things to help my body heal and repair for years and have slowly, but surely added things that are good for me and removed those that aren't. No more processed foods, organic as much as possible, tons more fruits and vegetables (thanks to green smoothies)weight loss, exercise more, etc. etc. So I thought I was doing pretty well. My greatest achievement was when I quit smoking, about 5 years ago. Two years ago I became interested in sea vegetables and algae because they are so good for us and they're a natural way to get all our minerals. I learned how healing chlorella and spirulina are for the human body and so began taking chlorella (67 tablets) and spirulina (20 grams) for two years in healing doses every day. I felt good but wasn't sure what exactly they were doing for me. So, I was more than pleased when I noticed that my skin healed from cuts or bruises in record time (took about a year before my healing process improved enough that I noticed results). Formerly, my skin used to take forever to heal, sometimes months and now my skin cleared up in only 3 or 4 days. Haven't had that kind of a healing since I was a child. Anyway, I read about brown seaweed and thought I'll add this to my repertoire since I had great results with the green and the blue green algae. Normally when I add anything new to my routine I usually take it alone for a couple of weeks so that I can isolate what works for me and what doesn't. I honestly didn't expect much of anything. WOW! Was I wrong. About a week after taking Modifilan everyday I began to have the taste of cigarettes in my mouth. At first I couldn't figure out why and didn't relate it to the brown seaweed. I began coughing again and was constantly clearing my throat and sometimes my lungs felt exactly like when I smoked too much. I was a bit freaked out because I thought I was getting sick or something. I finally figured out what brought on these symptoms and stopped taking Modifilan for two weeks. It's silly but I was hoping my body wouldn't remember what I did to it when I smoked. Common sense prevailed and I once again began taking it and all symptoms returned. It lasted about a month and then one day I took a deep breath in such a way that I haven't been able to for years. You know... the kind where you inhale and can feel the air go all the way to the bottom of your lungs. A real cleansing breath! This is what it did for me. I'm sure it cleansed other metals and toxins from my tissues but this was the most prevalent that I noticed. I hope this helps others. Don't hesitate...buy it. I don't think you'll be sorry.

60 of 62 found the following review helpful:

5Great for detox and those with illnesses, such as cancer...Feb 13, 2013
By Rangers68
I researched many different alternative ways to help a family member who was shockingly diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, a blood cancer. (I must say that the power of prayer is first and foremost in my books, but for those who are not religious, put that comment aside please and read on.)

I wanted to find products that could help could help clean the blood and boost the body's immune system. I read great things about seaweed and how those exposed to radiation were using it to detox their blood. I also found that it is hard to get "pure" seaweed because much of it is contaminated in the ocean. I trusted this product's web site for the safety of this product and bought the Modifilan. It mentioned that is contains Fucoidan which causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct. Promoting apoptosis (self-destruction of cancer cells), Fucoidan helps to naturally eliminate harmful cells from organism.

It is expensive, but completely worth it. After only several months of taking this daily along with these other products, which I will list below, the cancer disappeared. It was a truly miracle to all of us and the doctors could not explain it, but I believe that these products greatly helped along with a change in diet (eliminate sugar and eat veggies). The other products that were taken in combination with this were, listed from most important to least taken were: Essiac, IP-6, Source Naturals Immune Defense (mushrooms), liquid chlorophyll, Krill oil, Purple Defense, Momordica extract, Curcumin. Yes, I know it's a lot and you can never know for sure which one helped the most, but maybe the combination of them all did. I just wanted to list them so that others who might be in a similar situation, who are looking for cancer fighting products, can easily see what may work for them.

87 of 95 found the following review helpful:

5Loved itJan 12, 2011
By Sheila is a Punk Rocker
I have used it for 3 months. In the begining I didn't notice any difference. But as I kept taking it it gave me energy like I had a "good nights sleep". My mind seems clearer and I'm not sure if it's the result of taking the Brown seaweed extract but my mood has been "Happy". I noticed also that my feet don't swell up from standing for long hours & my knees feel better. I have only experienced good things from adding this suppliment to my daily routine. I love it!

73 of 82 found the following review helpful:

5Wow. Impressed!Sep 27, 2009
By Romancebooklover
I've just had mercury amalgams removed and was having the worst toxicity issues even though I was already taking Chlorella as precaution. I added Modifilan in the morning to my protocol, 4 tablets with water, and from that day on have felt energetic, lighter, cleaner, and though I'm sure it will take me months to really detox from heavy metals, I'm confident this product is working. Will definitely buy again.

68 of 78 found the following review helpful:

5great productFeb 23, 2011
By miryam B Shields "LovePetals"
this product for people who want to detoxify and make yourself healthy is a miracle; I was poison by MOLD after 7 years of living in an infected apt without knowing what was happening to me and after my Dr diagnosed me with COPD eventually prescribing oxygen in a continuous bases (with no improvement)
as I was getting worse we decided to spend some time in the mountains and rent our apt...that is when we found out the tenant found two different kinds of mold.
I started to take brown seaweed extract and this last 3 months have improved almost one hundred percent. almost all symptoms are gone and my respiratory
problems are near normal I know that with time I will be fine thanks to the seaweed detox and time.

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